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Advantagelaw Product Downloads

Advantagelaw Setup (Windows 7,8,10) 07/28/17 advantagelaw.msi Installer for Advantagelaw products Download
Advantagelaw Update 02/25/20 xfradv.exe Updater for Advantagelaw products (requires previous install) Download
Grid Component Installer 10/05/11 advgrid.msi New Grid component (fpspr80.ocx) Download
Advantagelaw Report Library 02/20/20 xfrsysax.exe Report library update. Contains latest report revisions and additions Download
Advantagelaw Documentation 12/24/14 xfrdocwv4.exe User Guides in PDF format for Advantagelaw Download
How to Install SQL Server 2008 10/26/11 how-to-install-sql-server-2008.pdf Step by Step guide to SQL server 2008 Installation Download
Installation Instructions 05/10/11 advantagelaw_install.pdf Instructions for installing a new instance of Advantagelaw Download
Winvantage Update (legacy) 04/02/18 xfrwv4.exe Updater for older Advantagelaw installed as Winvantage in c:\program files\wv4 Download
Advantage Xpress Update (legacy) 04/02/18 xfrax.exe Updater for older Advantagelaw installed as Advantage Xpress in c:\program files\advxp Download
AdvantageLaw Mobile 02/25/91 advmobile.msi AdvantageLaw Mobile Connector Download